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Unemployment, Indignity & Lessons in Plan B

My husband was let go from his job in February due to budgetary cut backs. It was sudden & unexpected and it was far too close to his layoff in 2010 where his company moved it's manufacturing to Mexico. If you have experienced job loss in your family, you understand losing your job is an interesting predicament and process. If you have experienced job loss more than once in a few short years, you know all too well that sinking feeling of Oh no. Not again.  After the questions of, what will we do for health care? and How will we pay our mortgage? arise, you begin to hammer away at the budget, do away with all non-essentials and my least favorite part - sit your children down and inform them, There are going to need to be some changes...   This loss came at a peculiar time, as I had just left stable employment in September to stay home with the kids and work out my entrepreneurial spirit.   Eventually, after the shock wears off, we move back and forth in the 'grieving'

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