Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Peacemaker or Agitator

Few things bond folks like sharing a sour word regarding another.

I don't know why this is. 

There seem to be plenty of other means with which we can connect.

And yet, I've been witness to relationships grown on the shifting sand of ill words spoken at another's expense.

A whisper here.  United eyerolls there.  A flock of hens: peck, peck, peck.

Unity in negative speak against another seems a breeding ground for false camaraderie.

We often observe such in silence. 

More often we become participators.  Much more often.

Do you find yourself behaving as an Agitator?

Stirring the pot with every careless word that quietly stabs another? 

Thriving in its intoxicating aroma.

Some enjoy watching a spar.

Some delight in a broken road.

Can you believe?
What was she thinking? 
Well, I would never!

How virtuous it would be to stand as the Peacemaker.

To disarm the Agitator. 

In the church, in the workplace, within the family.

I once heard from trusted lips it is not enough to keep quiet during these times, but rather righteous to cause those to discontinue the evil-speak. 

It takes great strength to resist the temptation to become the Agitator.

It takes greater courage to develop into a Peacemaker. 

Which one will you be today?

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