Saturday, October 15, 2011

If You Have A Teenager...

If you have a teenager you have become familiar with the escalation in your blood pressure.

You may have holes where your hair used to be.

You might know how tense the room can get just as she passes through it.

If you have a teenager you can feel a bump on your head from where it has hit the wall one too many times. 

I have often felt winded from my repetition of words. 

My teenager most likely can recite those words back to me. 

Or perhaps not since selective hearing seems to be one of her strong suits. I imagine the words whiz into one ear only to escape out the other.

If you have a teenager then you already know that you don't know anything.

You aren't cool, you never have been.

You have never stood where she stands and frankly - you are annoying. 

If you have a teenager I hope you have spent many hours on your knees. 

It seems that only God's grace and strength can get us through these days.

These years are filled with fret and fear.

Our children stand in the crossroads while we stand on the sidelines dispensing wisdom, shouting directions, holding our breath, praying naivety and ignorance won't suck them under.

If you have a teenager you know not a soul could have truly prepared you for this challenge. 

You wait for it to be over.  For the alien who has occupied your child's body to vacate and return your sweet girl and take the eye-rolling with them.

You wait to be appreciated once again. 

Hang in could be awhile. 

Perhaps when you least expect. 

Perhaps when she is home from college cuddled in her favorite chair and jammies eating the banana, chocolate chip bread you baked while you do her laundry.

She might be grateful to be there with you.  Just maybe.

You may once again hear the word Mommy.  You might even get a hug.  Your teenager might appreciate the comfort of the place they once longed to abandon.

If you have a teenager you know and I feel your pain. 

Hang in there, my friend.  It could be a while.

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