Tuesday, July 12, 2011

When We Are Left Behind

I believe in Heaven.  With certainty.

There are people there I love.  There are people there I can hardly wait to see again.

My Jesus is there.  I'm going to dance with him.  One day.

To be left behind feels dreadful. 

I have been witness to dying breaths.  I have felt the lump in my throat and the pit in my stomach.

I have ached over absence. 

I have observed death seemingly come too soon and arrive just in time.

I have asked God why?  I have challenged his motives and plans.  I have believed He was mistaken.

I have chased peace and wrestled with questions.

Haven't we all?

Those who are called home no longer must wrestle.

Or chase peace.

They are dancing with Jesus.

The rest of us need to seek out our purpose while we walk on the earth.

Because there is a purpose in being left behind.

Waiting for our turn to dance.

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