Friday, July 15, 2011


My seven year old broke her arm a few weeks ago.  She fell right off the swing while in mid-air and landed on her tiny arm.  She was disappointed to discover this meant spending the next 6 weeks of summer with her arm in a cast and many restrictions on her active, little life.   My daughter favored her tender and painful arm and patiently waited for it to heal.

Today she had her cast removed and replaced with a brace and we got the first glimpse of her precious arm after three and a half weeks.  It was easy to see some healing had taken place and I explained to her that in no time at all, her arm would work just fine again.  I emphasized the importance in continuing to protect and take care of her arm, or it just may take that much longer to completely heal or worse - break again. 

One day she'll learn that all of the same can be said of heartbreak. 

If only we could find a way to wrap up our hearts in something safe and protective while we wait for healing.  How I wish someone could provide us a timeline to let us know when our broken heart will be good as new again.

A heart working toward healing is a fragile thing.  We take it out of the safe place from which we have been hiding it -often only to have it broken again. 

For some, the heart is never the same after a bad break.  The ache may dull and fade, but the heart is never truly restored to its original condition.

I am a mother to four daughters.  There is bound to be some heartbreak.

I want to suggest they hide their hearts deep within.

Often and without a second thought we hand our hearts to some who are unworthy. 

I want to warn them about the thieves and deceivers of hearts and of those who simply won't know what to do with theirs. 

Although my youngest is still yet only seven.  I pray often for each one of their future husbands.  Somewhere out there are little boys and young men who will one day hold my daughter's hearts in their hands.  They require my prayer. 

I pray for my daughter's wisdom and discernment in who they choose to entrust their heart to.  I pray they will keep their hearts tucked away until God hands over who it is he has for them. 

I pray they will learn and grow from the small fractures of the heart but that they will never know the pain of that long, dull ache in a heart that never looks the same.

What is the condition of your heart?  Have you ever (mis)entrusted your heart?  Do you pray for your child's future spouse?  Are you long-suffering in a heartbreak of some kind?


  1. I *LOVE* praying for my kids' future spouses AND their families, esp. b/c we have such a strained relationship w/ my in-laws, (even my husband hates them...maybe more than I do, and they're HIS parents!) I love praying for God to give them a great day today, for Him to teach them the lessons now to prepare them to be my kids' BFFs and co-parents, and for Him to give them the kind of upbringing that will compliment my kids instead bring conflict & strife. :-)

  2. Oh, my, but I have forgotten to do this for so long! It used to be a daily prayer. Thank you so much for reminding me.