Friday, June 24, 2011

Searching For Euphoria

Do you remember?

Life as a child and the feelings of excited anticipation that tickled your tummy on Christmas Eve? 

A passionate kiss.

Falling in love.

Your first taste of freedom.

Excitement.  Exhuberance. Elation.

As each year ticks on, the three E's escape us.

Age is a peculiar thing and a thief of euphoria.

I consider those who cry out midlife crisis!

I observe the thrill-seekers who jump from planes, climb mountainsides, ride the surf.

Are they hunting what I am?

A moment's escape from the mundane of this status we call grown up

One more shopping trip as we fight the good fight collecting pretty things that temporarily thrill but never endure.

Another drink here, an affair there, feeble attempts to recapture the days of our youth, the days when we felt Euphoric.

The days when life was more than a pile of laundry or a pile of homework or a pile of bills.

Will I have to wait for Heaven to feel it again?

Lord, have mercy and let me not fall into the trappings of momentary bliss searching for my euphoria.

I'm sorry that I was ever in such a race to get here.

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