Saturday, May 7, 2011

Outside of Our Comfort Zone- Jesus Knocking

I like ministry projects.  I like putting my name down on a sheet and arriving at a preplanned destination to do predetermined ministry work. 

It is scheduled.

It is organized.

It is comfortable.

And it is good. 

But what happens when God's work comes knocking at your door?

When it is not scheduled?

When it is messy?

When it is not convenient?

And when it is far, far outside your comfort zone? 

Do you make excuses?

Do you hesitate?

Do you close your eyes and pretend that it's not out there, hoping it will just go away and come back at a more convenient and scheduled time in a more comfortable suit? Knocking....knocking.

I do.  Often. 

I am a planner.  I thrive on a schedule.  I need my schedule.  The schedule is the only way I can keep my crazy life and family of six in order.  And I like order even more than I like the schedule.

Recently, I heard a knocking at my door. I took a peek outside but what I saw was going to uncomfortably derail the schedule.  And the order.  But God told me to open the door wide and I am so very glad I did. 

Sign-up sheet ministry is good.  But I often find that his work is most rewarding when it's the kind that stands right outside my door.  Knocking....knocking. 

I raise my four girls to value schedules and order.  I have realized lately, however, that I must teach them that a knock on the door from God is always worth putting away the schedule.  Not because we want to, but because he wants us to.  After all its his work we are here to do.

Today you may hear knocking....outside there may appear work wearing an uncomfortable suit that threatens to derail your schedule.  Will you answer?