Friday, November 5, 2010

Mice Scurry. Soldiers Stand.

Tonight I attended a theater event for my ten-year-old daughter.  I love those kind of events, in fact, I pretty much love everything about the Christian Youth Theater group that she is involved with.  And even though I love a good Strike party, it was not the celebrated accolades or the disclosed behind-the-scenes tears 7 triumphs that caught my attention.  It was the last thing I expected to discover at a Strike party, but possibly the most important confirmation I have received from God in quite some time.  Certainly the most blatant. 

In a very loud room filled with a couple hundred people I could barely hear myself think let alone hear the conversation the people were having across the table from me.  I was shoveling mostaccoli into my mouth and goofing around with my girls.  I saw the others at my table moving their mouths but their voices really were drown out by the sound of laughter and other, louder voices.  I continued shoveling and all of the sudden, the lady across from me became audible as she spoke to the man sitting next to her and the only thing I heard her say is this:

...You know there are always mice, you know those mice.  They stick around, eat their cheese and stay for a while, but eventually they become fearful and they scurry.  You know, they scurry away.  And then there are always soldiers.  Soldiers stand in their positions.  And while the mice scurry, the soldiers stand....

I shushed my kids, shushed my husband, dropped my mostaccoli and leaned in as far as I could without being any more obvious so I could to listen to the rest of that conversation.  I really wanted to know exactly what she was talking about.  I didn't mind at all that I was eavesdropping.  But just as easily as she became audible enough for me to hear those few sentences, it got just as loud again so that I could hear nothing.  Not one more word.  I swear.  I was immensely frustrated that I could hear no more.  I considered inviting myself into the conversation just so I could move my chair over and get a recap, but I really didn't know these people. 

You see, the mouse and the soldier were so important to me because I have spent the last year watching the mice and the soldiers.  Watching and waiting trying to decide who I will be.  I've been living on the fringe of scurry worried I am not worthy of being the soldier. I've been fearful I'm too damaged for battle and the sword will be too heavy for me.  Lately, I've been thinking a lot about becoming a mouse.  It would so much easier to hide inside a cupboard.

So when I heard those words become illuminated amidst a conversation I could hear nothing else of.  I couldn't help but think God intended for me to hear that fragment for a distinct purpose.  God plants convictions in the hearts of those who seek to do His will and long to please Him.  He does not create His people to be sneaky like rodents who creep along the floorboards.  He does not give us the spirit of timidity (2 Timothy 1:7) allowing us to scurry in situations where it seems the battle has already been lost.  He warns that battle is imminent.  He tells us to be prepared. 

If we live for Him, we have no choice but to be the soldier.  There's a war going on down here.  God was kind enough to give us weapons, will we really trade it for a piece of cheese and quick escape?  Tonight's confirmation reels in the escape artist in me and reminds me that mice might be quick, but will usually end up in the serpent's mouth for supper.

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  1. You KNOW that God orchestrated this! He is so amazing in all He does! Some may not have gotten the idea behind it, so He would have to be more direct, but you understood. Why? Because you are a soldier! You have been standing when it has been difficult, then unbearable while you are going through so much with your health and family. Yet you continue to stand. God just knew you needed some encouragement. We all need to know from time to time that He really is hearing our hearts, that we are on the right path. He will never leave us in the place where we have been. He is constantly moving in our lives although sometimes it seems imperceptible.

    Gather the army that God has given to pray and to encourage one another. He has made it clear who each of you were so that you (we) could all stand in unity and pray together for His promises to be manifested.

    Crying out to the Lord on your behalf! I know He hears us...He is good!