Monday, October 25, 2010

The Hands of the Heart

I had the coolest experience the other day. I had a medical test -one that I didn't mind so much for a change.  I had an echocardiogram and you should have one, too.

Sidenote: Not my heart -one from An ultrasound image of the heart that demonstrates the size, motion, and composition of cardiac structures and is used to diagnose various abnormalities of the heart, including valvular dysfunction, abnormal chamber size, congenital heart disease, and cardiomyopathy. Source: The Free Dictionary by Farlex

An echocardiogram is painless and involves a quiet, dark room, an ultrasound machine and a technician.  My ultrasound technician had a soothing voice and European accent.  If you can find yourself one of those, I would highly recommend it.  While lying on my left side, I was able to watch exactly what was going on inside my heart on the screen just inches from my face.  Mostly a series of colors and pulsing motion and relatively expected and not that interesting.  What came next is what I deemed incredible.  Two little flappy things going up and down and appearing to be clapping hands.  And they weren't just clapping, they appeared to be clapping to a distinct rhythm.

I asked the smooth talking, European technician what the image was.  She smiled before she replied as if pleased to answer the question.  The clapping hands were my mitral valve flaps.  I told her it looked like hands clapping and she said, "I know.  Everyone says that when they see it."  She went on to add, "And isn't it amazing how it does that from the time you are in your mother's womb until the time your heart stops beating.  It never stops." Wow!  I could not help but marvel at 'the hands'.

I knew about 'the eyes of the heart' - who knew about 'the hands'?  And they are CLAPPING! Clapping, I tell you!  It gives The Joy Down in My Heart a whole new meaning!  These might be called mitral valve flaps but I saw it with my own eyes. Those are hands in my heart and they are clapping.  I will never be convinced otherwise.

And lying there witnessing the mechanics of my heart sort felt like I was peeking into a secret place I wasn't meant to see.  Technology is magnificent, but not as magnificent as the God who allowed me to glimpse into a heart that has not been experiencing a lot of joy lately.  But what are clapping hands synonymous with? JOY!  And now I have been privy to see the joy down in my heart is there - built in- from the time we're in the womb - all of our lives.  I only needed to see it to be reminded. 

Now, when it is difficult to feel joyful, I will be reminded of the treasure that lies inside.  I most likely will not often be able to see 'the hands', but the beat of my heart (however irregular it might be) tells me they are there.

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  1. This is so cool! I've never seen that either!! Thank you so much for sharing!!